Video Game Tester Jobs And Salary

Like most jobs, video game tester salaries vary according to a number of factors, including experience, location and company. Testers can make anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00 per hour for their work, whether they are testing games from home or at the office.The day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of a video game tester may also vary, depending on whether they work independently or for a company, but the fundamental responsibilities remain the same.

Job Description

The basic task required of almost all video game testing jobs is to identify problems with a game’s performance. More specifically, this means that testers are required to interact with all of the various characters in an RPG to ensure that they perform properly, and that they must try out all of the games features, from weaponry to character skill sets. Testers will have to play every level of the game, and will need to identify any loopholes that would allow players to “cheat” too easily. They may also be asked to comment on the quality of the graphics.

The Waiting List

Those who work as independent video game testers may find it difficult to make a decent salary in the first few months, largely because that testing jobs are often doled out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Companies will keep applications on file and use this file as a type of waiting list, so those who applied earlier will be offered testing jobs first. Priority may also go to those who have more experience or have made a name for themselves as testers. This can be frustrating early on, but a few successful tests, beta or otherwise, can help generate more jobs.

Per-Job Payments

Most video game testers are paid per project. Some companies will expect testers to keep a detailed time sheet, and they will pay an hourly wage for the work completed. Others will offer testers a flat fee to be paid upon successful completing of the test. Individuals who make the bulk of their income from these individual freelance projects should make sure to apply for new testing jobs before they finish their current tasks to ensure they have a steady stream of work.

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In-House Tester

A lucky few may also find jobs as in-house video game testers. Testers who work in-house are generally not able to work remotely, they are required to put in 9 to 5 hours in the office each day, and they do not always pay much more than a collection of freelance assignments. These jobs also come with a variety of perks, however, offering enhanced job security and some benefits, as well. Possibilities for advancement in the industry are also more likely in these positions.

Video game testers who work in-house for a particular company may also have the opportunity to work their way up from an entry-level tester to a managerial position. These are often coveted jobs since they come with paid time off, health benefits, and handsome raises. Testing managers generally receive a yearly salary that ranges from $40,000 to $60,000.

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