How To Become A Video Game Tester At Home

Contrary to popular belief, not all video game companies allow their testers to work remotely. It is possible, however, to work from home as a video game tester, though the job prospects and the day-to-day tasks may be somewhat different than they would be for in-house testers.The information that follows includes guidelines and suggestions that may prove helpful to those looking for a video game testing position that allows them to work from home.

Acquire the Necessary Equipment

First of all, anyone who wants to test video games from the comfort of their own home will need to acquire all of the gaming systems and accessories needed for the job. Companies will send individuals the game they will be testing, and occasionally they will offer gaming equipment at a discounted rate, though the latter is not always guaranteed. Moreover, companies may be more likely to hire a tester who already has the necessary materials. Aspiring testers should have at least one complete system, such as an Xbox or PlayStation console, set up for live play.

Take a Class

Many online universities offer courses in video game design, development and analysis. Those looking to become a video game tester could benefit greatly from taking a course that familiarizes them with the language used in the industry, the programming codes used to create the games, and the differences between compliance testing, functionality testing and technical testing. Being able to note on a resume that you have completed a course in the field will greatly improve the chances of getting a job.

Agree to be a Beta Tester

Testing beta games can be a great way to get a foot in the door of the gaming industry, and it can help aspiring testers build up their resumes. Additionally, most companies will offer beta testing jobs to individuals who want to work from home since games are still technically in the development phase at this point, and the beta testers are considered the preliminary analyzers. These jobs do not pay very well—and in some cases, the only compensation is the opportunity to see a game before anyone else—but they provide invaluable testing experience and allow individuals to pad their portfolios.

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Set Up a Record Keeping Station

The key to becoming a successful video game tester is being able to accurately and thoroughly describe any problems or issues with a game’s graphics or progression. To do this, it is necessary to keep a detailed record of any glitches that pop up during play. Those working from home should make sure to set up a small ‘office’ or station where they keep all notes or files related to each game they test.

At-home video game testing jobs can be hard to come by, but with some diligence and patience, it is possible to make a living by testing games at home. Those new to the business may find themselves off to a frustratingly slow start, but it is important to remember that all of those successfully completed and unpaid beta tests will pay off down the line.

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