Benefits Of Becoming A Video Game Tester

For many people, finding a job as a video game tester is a dream come true. While there are drawbacks and tedious tasks, just as there would be in any job, there are also a variety of benefits particular to this position that make all of the effort and occasional frustration worthwhile. Below are some of the most oft-cited positive aspects of landing a job as a video game tester.

Getting Paid for a Pastime

First and foremost, one of the primary benefits of being a video game tester is often the reason people are attracted to the profession in the first place; it allows them to get paid for doing something they enjoy. Of course, this can sometimes end up being a drawback since when leisure activities lose some of their appeal when they are turned into actual work. Still, those who truly love video games and are interested in the way these games are designed, developed, and played will likely always get a great deal of joy and satisfaction out of this job.

Stress Reduction

Recent studies have shown that video games can actually be a stress-reducing activity; thus,it can be said that video game testers enjoy some of the least stressful jobs available. Video games allow people to focus their attention on one task, thus eliminating the anxiety associated with many jobs that require constant multi-tasking. They also allow people to channel any external frustrations into the action of the game, making them less likely to take their anger out on family and friends.

Flexible Work Schedule

Some video game testers can complete all of their tasks remotely, meaning they do not have to clock in and out at an office. This affords them the opportunity to make their own hours, which is a major job perk. Yet, even those who do not work remotely all the time are more likely to be granted a flexible work schedule, so long as they put in the necessary time and complete the tasks at hand. Since video game testers do not have to work with customers or clients, they are less constrained by traditional office hours.

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Insider Tips and Tricks

Many video game testers consider the availability of insider information to be one of the primary benefits of the job. Testing and analyzing the game allows them to discover tips and tricks for successfully finishing and beating this and other games, and it also improves their overall knowledge of the way video games are structured; this can be helpful for anyone looking to advance in the field. Moreover, being a video game tester also allows individuals to try out hotly anticipated games before anyone else, which is a treat for any gaming enthusiast.

As an added benefit, video game testers also benefit from the fact that they are exercising their brains every day at work. Unlike jobs that require somewhat mindless data entry or mundane tasks, video game testing positions require that individuals constantly use the analytical and creative parts of the brain to identify problems and propose solutions, thus keeping their minds stimulated.

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