How To Become A Video Game Tester

Most video game enthusiasts have at some point or another wondered how to become a video game tester. After all, such a job would be ideal to anyone who spends a lot of time playing video games, since it would mean they would get paid for something they enjoy doing anyway. While this job might sound too good to be true, it is actually possible to locate a position as a video game tester if you just know where to look and how to prepare.

Play Video Games

Most likely, those who want to become a video game tester will have no problem completing the first step necessary to attaining that job— playing a lot of video games. To become a successful tester, individuals will need to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of a variety of different games and gaming systems, and practice is the way to do so. Aspiring video game testers should make sure not to limit themselves to a particular genre or style of game that they enjoy, however, but should branch out, testing even children’s games.

Learn to Identify Errors

The primary task of a game tester is to identify and correct errors and glitches in various games.Thus, an integral move for anyone hoping to become a video game tester is to learn how to locate these errors. There are online classes available that can help gamers and developers learn how to identify glitches and identify some of the programming codes that led to the error. Courses like these can be a great way to start, but the best practice for locating errors is still playing the games.

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Network with Developers

Once an individual has become familiar with a variety of games and has learned how to locate glitches, the next step is to get out there and meet game developers and designers. Anyone looking for a position as a video game tester should attend conferences and expos, and introduce themselves to employees running the booths or giving presentations. It is also a good idea to draw up a resume or a portfolio that serves as an indication of individual testing abilities and make sure that it gets into the hands of someone in the industry.

Look for Quality Assurance Jobs

One mistake that aspiring video game testers make when looking for a job is to conduct a search for ‘video game tester jobs.’ This will not actually turn up many legitimate results; many gaming companies shy away from using such terms in their job descriptions to avoid being bombarded with applications from people who just happen to like video games. Therefore, those looking to become a video game tester should be sure to search for ‘quality assurance’ or ‘QA’ jobs in the gaming industry, as these are the identifying terms for testing positions.

There is much more to testing video games than just enjoying the game. In fact, testing work can be quite tedious at times, and may detract from the recreational aspect of gaming. Those looking to become a video game tester should make sure that they know exactly what the job entails and that they are ready to take the necessary steps to get there.

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